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VCDS-Faelschung Careful, Counterfeit!

A plagiarization consists of counterfeited / recreated interface hardware and illegally duplicated software. The possibility of damage to the vehicle / its control device or even possibly serious malfunctions when using a plagiarization can not be excluded.


Additionally, the malicious software can not only impair your computers functions but can also endanger the security of your personal data and of your business data. Protect yourself and your customers by only using original hard- and software.



As a buyer of a plagiarization you are guilty of an offence against the laws on trademarks and the copyright laws. The seller of the plagiarization will be reported to the police for fraud for gain. Should you have questions or comments please contact us via e-mail:



  • Originals are solely produced by the VCDS software manufacturer Ross-Tech in the United States of America or directly by their official distributors
  • As one of the official distributors in the German-speaking world, you can acquire original VCDS diagnosis systems directly through us, PCI Diagnosetechnik, or one of our official specialist retailers
  • Avoid small advertisement sections, online auctioneers, social media platforms and discussion boards
  • The sell price of a plagiarization is usually way below the recommended retail price
  • The HEX+CAN-USB interface hardware was produced until 2017 and since then, can no longer be declared as new goods


K1600_VCDS-Faelschungen Careful, Counterfeit!



  • Original systems are never made in Asia, take note of the country of origin when buying
  • Cheap processing of inferior quality
  • Pointers to only use the provided software
  • No licence number on the plug casing / licence number is made completely of zeroes or includes HA3
  • Repeated warnings to avoid an internet connection
  • The version is printed on the CD
  • The “snap-in-tab” on the OBD2-plug is missing or flawed (1)
  • Silver coloured instead of gold-plated pins (2)
  • Sticker with VCDS version number (for example 17.8) on the plug casing (3)
  • Cross-recessed screws instead of Torx screws / different-coloured screws (4)
  • Predominant use of mini disks and mini-USB sticks (5)




  • When purchasing an original VCDS diagnosis system you are acquiring a high quality, professional tool.
  • Our hardware has an E-certification mark, and all electric components are authorized for use in vehicles. This way you are safe from damage to your vehicle or computer.
  • Only with an original device, capable of updates, can you stay up to date with the latest development status of our software manufacturer.
  • As a customer of PCI Diagnosetechnik you will receive assistance for installation of VCDS and problems of all types.
  • If required, we guarantee quick repair of defective hardware.
  • Furthermore, you can make use of our German support and the following sources of information: