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Manufacturer-level diagnostics



The No. 1 diagnostic system is compatible with vehicles from VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Bentley from 1992 to current model series and is also suitable for other small series and commercial vehicles based on VW technology.





The following vehicle list always refers to the latest VCDS software version. Please check regularly to make sure you are up to date. You can find all supported vehicle models here:




You can even use the EOBD mode to read emissions-related errors from many more vehicle manufacturers (such as BMW, Honda, Renault, and many more)! You can find a detailed list here in our German-language VCDS forum!


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Auto scan (diagnostic protocol)
ECU identification
Read & delete error memory
View freeze-frame data
Basic setting (main & subsystems)
Short & long coding
Measuring blocks & adv. measuring values
Short &long adaptation
Readiness (read & set)
Controller channel map
Gateway installation list
Service reset
Optical bus diagnostics
Cross-brand EOBD functions
Output tests



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The software runs on Windows-based notebooks or netbooks and offers functions that are otherwise only found in expensive original testers. By specializing in a group’s brands, VCDS not only outperforms many other diagnostic systems on the market in terms of functionality and speed, but also competes directly with the original testers.


RAM: At least2 GB

Hard drive space: At least 1 GB

Interface: USB (1.0, 2.0 or 3.0) Typ A (or Typ C with separate cable)

Screen resolution: At least 800 x 600

Operating systems: Current Microsoft Windows operating system

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load Overview
  • Unsupported systems
    • Microsoft Windows XP and Vista
    • Microsoft Windows in S mode as well as CE and RT
    • Other operating systems, such as B. GNU/Linux or Apple macOS
  • Unsupported processors:
    • Single core Atom processors
    • ARM or ARM64 processors (for more details see FAQ)
  • The use of virtual machines, such as B. VirtualPC, Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox or VMware are not recommended
Only possible in conjunction with a HEX-NET
VCDS-Mobile can be used on all WiFi-enabled devices that have an internet browser. It doesn't matter which operating system is running on the device. Both Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and other operating systems are supported. Please note that VCDS-Mobile is currently only available as an English-language pre-release version with a limited range of functions.




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