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Download: Latest Version Beta Version
  VCDS PCI 23.11.0 retreived 2024.05.14

The latest VCDS version from Ross-Tech!

Full English version as .exe file.
Suitable for initial installation or as an update.

Current Download

Download: Latest Version Beta Version EN

Can only be used in connection with HEX-NET!

Use the latest VCDS version on your smartphone!
Currently only available in English.
Suited for Android and iOS.

Download VCDS Mobile

Android iOS

For using our HEX+CAN system with third-party software

This is an experimental driver for support of third-party software.
This driver is not suited for HEX-V2 and HEX-NET systems!
Please read the installation guide before installation!

Download COM-Port Driver

COM-Port Driver
Installation guide




Live support via remote service

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TeamViewer Legal Disclaimer
For Windows, macOS & Linux

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Download as PDF

Legal Disclaimer




The VCDS operation manual completely in English!

Download as PDF file.

Completely in English


In English language!

Download as PDF file.

For quick setup

Download: QSG English
Video: VCDS Software installation

Manual for the initial registration of New Generation (HEX-V2 and HEX-NET) VCDS interfaces

Older interfaces like HEX+CAN-USB don't need any registration

For HEX-V2 and HEX-NET

VCDS Registration
Video: VCDS Interface Registration

Manual for registration in our VCDS discussion board and Wiki

Please note the different authorization levels.
You will only receive full access as a customer of PCI!
Discussion Board & Wiki Registration Discussion Board & Wiki Permissions
Video: VCDS Wiki Introduction

With the EOBD mode, you can read out emission related errors from multiple other vehicle manufacturers (for example BMW, Honda, Renault, and many more)! An exact listing can be found here in our VCDS discussion board!

Last updated 2022

Download: Vehicle List