Virtual COM-Port Driver for Ross-Tech USB Interfaces


The USB drivers that are provided together with VCDS do not support COM-Port emulation. Therefore, no software which communicates through the COM-port can be used with these interfaces.

To facilitate the usage of third-party applications that can only communicate through a serial port, we offer a driver which emulates the serial COM-port and enables the use of other diagnostic software with our hardware.


Before using this driver, please note the following:


  • This driver is experimental.
  • We do not offer any technical support for this driver.
    It should only be used by those with the required expertise for driver installation and possible troubleshooting.
  • We do not offer any technical support for third-party software, not even a guarantee that the software will work with this driver in the first place.


Installation information:


  • This driver is compatible with Windows 2000 or newer, including 64 bit versions. Windows 98 is not supported.
  • Unzip the .zip file in a new folder.
  • Connect the interface to the computer, locate it in the device manager, right click on the entry and update the driver.
  • An assistant program appears, execute a manual driver installation with the unzipped folder as the installation source.
  • In some instances, the COM-Port will not automatically install onto some systems. In this case, open the interface entry “with VCP” in the device manager, click on “Properties”, then “Expanded” and make sure the VCP is loading. If it is not, simply tick the VCP box and disconnect, then reconnect the interface to the PC once.
  • Sometimes, when the virtual COM-Port is installed, the number of the COM-Port must be changed. To do this, open the device manager again, select the USB serial port and change the number of the COM-Port in the expanded options. Please also note: the COM-Port number can change if the interface is used in a different USB port. To avoid this, it is best to always use the same USB port.
  • VCDS should still function with installed drivers and does not have to be set to COM in the settings. Simply use the “default” USB setting in VCDS.
  • Before using third-party software, the intelligent boot-mode in VCDS must be deactivated under Settings -> Connection / protocol settings. Press the Test button once afterwards, confirm the message and click Save. This must be changed back if VCDS is going to be used again afterwards.


COM-Port Treiber