HEX-V2_ServicekofferMOST-wawi-300x300 Ross-Tech® HEX-V2® Service Kit Most

Ross-Tech HEX-V2 Service Kit MOST

The Ross-Tech® HEX-V2® is the diagnostic system for all Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Bentley vehicles from 1992 to more recent series of models, as well as other small batch series and utility vehicles based on Volkswagen technology.


The evolutions of the globally popular Ross-Tech HEX+CAN interface hardware can, like before, be used with the Windows-based VCDS® software. Through the EOBD mode, this interface makes reading out emission related errors from multiple other vehicle manufacturers (such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, newer Opel models, all French brands, multiple Asian brands and much more) possible. Furthermore, due to the licence dongle functionality of the HEX-V2 interface hardware, the system is multi-workstation capable.